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Packing Up: Storage Supplies in Charlotte NC

Are you dreading the packing process before a move or storage? South End Self-Storage created this list of tips to help make packing a little easier. If you pack efficiently from the beginning, your storage experience will go much more smoothly. You can find all the storage supplies you need at our Charlotte NC facility on South Boulevard!

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Follow These Packing Tips to Make the Most of Your Storage Supplies

The careful storage of fragile items is crucial in ensuring their longevity. Utilizing proper storage supplies plays a vital role in this process, as it minimizes the risk of breakage, scratches, or other harm that could compromise the integrity and value of delicate belongings. High-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, foam padding, and sturdy boxes create a protective barrier, effectively absorbing shocks during transportation or storage. By investing time and resources in the correct packing supplies and methods, you can protect cherished possessions, heirlooms, or delicate equipment, for future use.

1. Put Padding Around Fragile Objects

When you store breakable objects, particularly glasses and ceramics, you need to make sure they have an appropriate amount of padding between them. Otherwise, they can fall into one another and break during the move. You should also include extra padding in any box with extra space. Just a little big of wiggle room is enough space for a mug to fall over and crack. Use bubble wrap, newspaper, or just any soft material in your house to help keep your items safe.

2. Start Collecting Storage Supplies

Consider all the necessary precautions for the items you are looking to store. You might need bubble wrap or foam peanuts for packing boxes. If you do not have a place to store clothes on hangers while in storage, you can get a wardrobe box. Covers should be placed over furniture to protect against moisture and dust. You may end up needing a decent amount of extra packing supplies, so you should gather what you need before you start packing.

South End Self-Storage sells:

  • Boxes
  • Locks
  • Packing Tape
  • Rope
  • Glass Packing Kits
  • And More – Stop Into Our Office to Browse!

South End Self-Storage: Storage Supplies Sales in Charlotte, NC

Ready to begin packing up your belongings? South End Self-Storage’s facility is on South Boulevard in Charlotte, NC. We have quick access from I-77 and Highway 49, and we close to Dilworth and Myers Park, NC. With a range of indoor and exterior storage units to choose from, we can become your destination for all things storage and storage supplies. Stop into our office to talk through your storage rental needs with our experts, and stock up on the supplies you need to pack everything away.

You can find the solution to all your spatial problems with South End Self-Storage. Our online storage rentals make comparing and finding available storage units a breeze. Start renting today!

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