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Pack Your Storage Unit with These Tips!

Looking to get started with self storage near you? There is no better place in the area than South End Self-Storage. With interior, temperature-controlled, and drive-up storage options on South Boulevard, we have the solutions to your storage problems. Reclaim the space in your home or office with Charlotte, NC, storage from South End Self-Storage. Follow our tips below on how to pack your storage unit efficiently to make the most of your rental!

3 Tips for Success When You Pack Your Storage Unit

1. Be Methodical about Planning a Layout

It is easy for a storage unit to turn into a disorganized mess when you into it without a plan. Items you plan on accessing more frequently should be up by the storage unit door, and valuable items should be tucked away in the back of the storage unit. Keep like items together for quick reference later. If you are storing the contents of your house, for example, you may want to organize boxes by rooms in the house they belong. The best way to ensure you have easily access to all of your boxes is to leave room for a center aisle for walking and moving items.

2. Pack with Sturdy Boxes and Quality Storage Supplies

The key to keeping your items safe in storage is packing them with quality materials. A worn out box will break over time, and you do not want your belongings falling through the bottom. Acquiring new storage supplies for long-term storage will be well worth your while.

We sell packing supplies in our South Boulevard office because we want our tenants to have access everything they need for a successful storage experience. You can purchase boxes, bubble wrap, and more on-site!

3. For Easy Searching Later, Label Boxes You Cannot See Into

Figure out a labeling system that works best for you, whether that is writing on the box, creating a cheat sheet, or another way. It will be a lot simpler to find a specific tool later when you know you only need to find the box labeled “garage tools” instead of rummaging through all the boxes with garage-type items.

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Storing with South End Self-Storage in Charlotte, NC

Ready to start storing? Check out South End Self-Storage’s available storage units online to find one that will best serve your storage needs. You can consult our storage experts in person on South Boulevard or over phone if you have any questions. You can visit our online storage calculator for a quick storage unit size recommendation if you are unsure about the amount of space you need to rent. The calculator will base its recommendation on the items you say you are looking to store. Look through our available temperature-controlled storage units to find your storage solution!

Rent or reserve your Charlotte, NC, storage unit online today! When you choose the “rent” option, you are going through the entire rental process in just a few clicks and are free to move into your storage unit as soon as you receive access information in your email. When you “reserve,” it is a commitment-free reservation for a future date that will require you to complete payment for your move in date. Get started with South End Self-Storage!

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Katie Mest

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