How to Find Houses to Flip

How to Find Houses to Flip

How can you find houses to flip, and where do you start looking? South End Self-Storage is here to assist you as you learn the ropes of house flipping. We put together a few tips and resources to get you started. Once you find what you believe to be your diamond in the rough, contact our storage facility in Charlotte, NC, and we can provide a storage unit near you that you can use to organize your belongings from the start of your renovation to the final sale. Happy house hunting!

how to find houses to flip

How to Find Houses to Flip (& What to Avoid)

How to Research Neighborhoods

When house flipping, it’s important to research the neighborhoods you are considering. You can fix up your house to be the most aesthetically pleasing on the block, but if the neighborhood cannot provide the needs of your buyer, your renovations will have been for nothing. It is vital to consider the cost of living in the area—for the initial purchase of your home and your selling potential later. Look for low crime rates and good school districts to attract families in particular.

Will your buyers have close access to public transportation if the need it? Are there grocery stores in a near distance? Keep in mind that the needs of buyers vary, so you will want to find a neighborhood that can support families and individuals alike. By taking the time to research neighborhoods, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about where to flip houses and maximize your profits. Start with New Silver Lending’s state-by-state guide to house flipping to get started!

How to Use Different Tools to Search for Real Estate

Take a broad approach to your real estate search. Zillow, for example, is an excellent online resource that allows users to easily research houses from all over. And the online real estate marketplace also provides a plethora of tools and tips to help you navigate through buying and selling. Explore the Foreclosure Center and Home Sellers Guide for expert advice and answers to your biggest questions! In addition to looking online for your fixer-upper, check auctions near you for affordable foreclosures, or link up with real estate agents who have experience with house flipping. Finding the right house to flip will take a lot of research, so take your time to check high and low.

How to Identify Budget-Sucking Renovations

Your pre-renovation budget is only the first hurdle you need to get over. When you are searching for houses to flip, sometimes it will be worth paying more in your initial purchase of the house in order to avoid dealing with large, expensive improvements. A house might seem affordable, but always be sure to check for problems that will be too expensive or require too high a level of expertise to fix. Problems like:

  • Plumbing
  • Water Damage
  • Foundation Cracks
  • & More

South End Self-Storage in Charlotte, NC

Now that we have thrown a lot of information to you about how to find houses to flip, we wish you the best of luck in your search. Once you choose your home to fix up, reach out the South End Self-Storage for additional support. We offer temperature-controlled storage units up to 300 square feet for you to rent as needed in Charlotte, NC. Our month-by-month leases allow for flexibility, so you can stay organized throughout your entire renovation process—even as timelines change. Find storage with South End Self-Storage today!

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