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storage unit size guide
April 20, 2022

Storage Unit Size Guide

Self storage can get confusing if you are unfamiliar with industry standard unit sizes. South End Self Storage’s storage unit size guide will help you understand which items will best fit into each storage unit. Do you need a large or small storage unit? Read below, and then check out our available storage units in Charlotte, NC!

Storage Unit Size Guide

Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

A small storage unit can store about a room, including a mattress, desk, and table. From there, you should be able to fit a few more boxes or bins stacked up. These are great for college students storing in between semesters or homeowners trying to clear space in their houses. They can hold tools, clothes, business inventory, and more. These are approximately the size of a walk-in closet—perfect for seasonal and garage/shed storage. One work of caution with small storage units: check the size of your items before you attempt to store them.

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units make it easy for apartment or condo renters to keep their belongings safe during a move. They will fit about 2-3 rooms’ worth of items. You may also want to use this space to store outdoor equipment, like kayaks or motorcycles. While our smaller storage unit sizes have some sizing restrictions, you should rarely run into sizing issues with medium storage units.

Large Storage Units

Moving houses? Keep all your items safe in a storage unit. Large storage units can fit everything you are looking to store, from extensive furniture sets to vast collections. They can also provide enough room to organize your belongings with some wiggle room for walking through to access your items with ease. 

South End Self Storage in Charlotte, NC

Looking for self storage near Charlotte NC? South End Self Storage on South Boulevard has large, medium, and small storage units available to rent or reserve. If you still need assistance determining a storage unit size, check out our online storage calculator. In just a few clicks, you will have a sizing recommendation. You can also give our office a call to talk through your storage rental with one of our experts. They can help you determine how much space you need and what kind of amenities would best protect your items. Feel free to ask any questions that come up so you fully understand the space you are renting. 

In addition to storage units, we also have car, boat and RV storage close to you. Our outdoor parking is a secure space to leave your vehicle so you can make room in your garage, on the street, or around your property. And if you are a business looking to store your fleet of vehicles, we can serve you as well.

Rent or reserve your next storage unit with us through our contact-free renting! Renting your storage unit will require your credit card information, and you can access your storage unit immediately. Reserving storage is even easier. It is commitment-free to reserve storage for a future date, but you must complete the payment before your move-in day. Find your storage solution here!

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

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